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The Toy Chronicle | ToyCon UK Exhibitors – Part V

My heart broke a little this week when it was clear there wouldn’t be a ToyCon UK 2021. It is totally understandable with everything that’s still going on in our world, but after so many happy years meeting artists and other collectors at ToyCon UK I was definitely sad to hear my favourite designer toy event wouldn’t take place. Since a year ago I was preparing to go to London, I wanted to throw it back to better times this Thursday and show off more great artists and toy companies as a small reminder there’s still a lot to look forward to.

Unbox Industries for example had a truly wonderful booth with a huge variety of toys. From adorable Elfies to several of Paul Kaiju’s Boss Charged figures, a one eyed Raabiit and Kidrobot’s Dweezil the Dragon (which I didn’t realise was so big haha). There really was something for everyone, including DIY figures if you wanted to give customising toys a try yourself. I think the Burger Elfie and TriDino were my favourites, but there were a lot of cute toys to be found here!

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