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The Toy Chronicle | The Lindsay Sturm Collection with Tenacious Toys

It’s always very sad when we lose a respected & liked member of the Designer Toy community. Unfortunately, at the turn of 2021, we lost collector & friend Lindsay Sturm due to illness. As with all collectors, we build up this collection of amazing art & collectibles over the course of our life, but sadly we are unable to take that with us when we pass. It is often one that we constantly think about in our own lives. What happens to our collection when we are not here. Thankfully, in Lindsay’s case, the hero that is Benny of Tenacious Toys stepped in to help.

Not to make a dime, but to help Lindsay’s mother during this difficult period. Benny was able to source out information on Lindsay’s collection and put prices on the custom pieces of art, along with the production releases. Tenacious Toys dropped the Lindsay Sturm Collection today. Check it out below. All proceeds from the sales of these items directly benefit Lindsay’s mother.

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