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The Toy Chronicle | The Groo Cherry Blossom Edition by Mozza Bong

SAKURA season is in full swing right now and it’s caused some strange things to happen over in the East as  Mozza Bong has been tampering with mother nature again! Just over two years ago, Mozza Bong gave birth to Maby and Mandra Golang now his green fingers are expanding! close your eyes and slap on Blue Swede – Hooked on a Feeling from Guardians of the Galaxy now meet “groo” the unit for counting trees in Korean.  Like we said previously. Art is infectious and this is the case of Rato Kim’s partner Mozza Bong! Korea Cosplayer delves into making his own figures! Mozza liked the word, so Mozza decided on this friend’s name. He values the buds that bloom above his head. So he is the first tree stump determined to escape himself from the felled forest. Is GROO’s long lost Korean brother of GROOT? Who knows, all we know is since a couple of weeks back he now needs to trim his bush, HA. Look at that Cherry Blossom afro! Over the weekend, The Groo Cherry Blossom edition made its debut at the Seoul Project_Doll expo and now Mozza Bong is ready to plant some Groo Cherry Blossom Edition around the world.


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