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The Toy Chronicle | Strange Flower Ushi-Oni Release by Cereal Box Toys!

Hey, we are all looking for something beautiful in this world to love, right? Even if it is a little on the weird side! If your love is weird Venusaur Ushi-Oni figures, you’re in damn luck as the guys at Cereal Box Toys have recently dropped their Strange Flower Ushi-Oni release at Tenacious Toys!

Cereal Box wanted to celebrate the theme of ‘awesome’ toys with an awesome homage to 25 years of Pokemon. Cereal Box Toys Go! is a collaborative effort between two brothers who grew up collecting, trading & raising Pokemon together. They have painted up three Ushi-Oni to represent their favourite flower-toad monster, Venusaur, from Pokemon! Strange Flower features peppermint sprays on blue vinyl finished with acrylic details, each Ushi-Oni is a combination of both of their efforts. 

With only THREE of these available, you can grab yours using the button below. These are approximately 10 inches wide and 6 inches tall, and priced at $120+shipping.

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