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The Toy Chronicle | Project-X by RunDMB x UME Toys!

When UK greatness collides, the world is a much better place to reside. That is why we are super pumped about this new collaboration between RunDMB and UME Toys!

A long time ago in a galaxy not far away, @richpage and I (and I think @jonpaulkaiser was even in for it) were going to make a toy (codename Project X) based on a rubbish sketch of mine. The original sculpt never quite made it into resin reality and a very cool, more geometric version of Project X was made in tiny resin quantities by @muffinmansculptsfrom a sculpt by architectural maven @c_i_dobson all of which have long since been in the hands of a few (I think, lucky) collectors. The very talented Rich has recently revisited his now destroyed original sculpt in zBrush and has come up with this beauty. 

RunDMB, March 2021

Now as you can see from the images below, RunDMB has hit Project-X hard with his unique camo uniform, and we are all here for it!

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