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The Toy Chronicle | POP MART x Ayan Dimoo World Aquarium Blind Box Series

New species spotted! POP MART’s releasing some cuteness to keep The Little Mermaid Ariel company? Who knows all we know is we want to sing “Under the Sea“, HA. This Aquarium series has embedded special powers like the ability to change colors!

Under the sea Under the sea Darling it’s better Down where it’s wetter Take it from me Up on the shore they work all day. Out in the sun they slave away. While we devotin’ Full time to floatin’ Under the sea

Seaweed, Seashells, and Dimoo! It’s time to take a trip to the Aquarium! “Dimoo Aquarium Series” has every aquatic friend you can imagine. Befriend a Polar Bear, Swim with exotic fish, or laze about in the coral reefs, just enjoying the waves. The water is fine for a dip in the ocean with the best aquanaut in the sea! There’s no better way to spend a day than relaxing at the Aquarium with your best pals! What’s your favorite memory of the Aquarium? Get your fins on Dimoo Aquarium Series.

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