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The Toy Chronicle | Nightmare Fuel Lil Monsters by Sir One Collectibles

These lil Monsters ain’t going to fuel your nightmares any time soon, they are simply too cute! The new Lil Monsters series by Sir One Collectibles is Series 02 entitled “Nightmare Fuel”! Sir One has three cute figures they affectionately named “Lil Nightmares” and they have a couple not so cute limited edition pieces as well!

The Lil Monsters drops TODAY over on Sir One Collectible’s store HERE at 10am PST (6pm BST). Each of these DIY resin figures stand at 3inches tall and priced at $25 + shipping.

Be on the look out when you receive your figures, ONE lucky winner per Series Drop will have a gold coin attached to their box. The Golden Ticket Winner is entitled to one figure of their choice from the Series 03 drop, as well as a 30 min personal video call AMA with SIR ONE. Ask Sir One anything. Process, Inspirations, History, it’s YOUR time get creative!

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