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The Toy Chronicle | LuLu The Piggy Beach Party by Cici’s Story x ToyZero Plus

SKINNY DIPPING mode activated and you have been invited to the PARTY! The Summer Sun is in full and that means it’s time for sizzling bacon, oops we mean Let’s Go Party! Get the sunscreen ready! LuLu The Piggy Beach Party blind box has been released. Playing in water, eating ice, dancing, and transforming. Come and take them all in the hot hot summer! Look at them all soaking in the sun, SO FLOCKING ADORABLE!

LuLu The Piggy Beach Party


 WHEN: Official pre-sale on July 16

WHERE: and all authorised ToyZero Plus stockist

List of pre-sale authorised stores

Hong Kong:​

TOY STATION / TOY HUNTERS / KK Plus / VVC / Funcolor / AMAZ by​ Lokianno 

Overseas: Sofubi Art Base (Macau) / Figoland (Macau) / My Plastic Heart (USA) / Strangecat​

(U.S.) / Philippines Southernsummit Corporation (Philippines) / Code Corner (Thailand) / Gacha Box (Thailand) ​


Let’s Go Party! 夏日總動員出擊,LuLu陪你渡過炎炎夏日



LuLu新品盲盒 陽光派對

LuLu The Piggy Beach Party

 7月16號 Kk plus x TOYZERO+ Select Shop率先現貨發售; 其他店家預售正式開始



Toy station / Toy Hunters / Kk plus / Vintage & Vinyl Club 膠易廣場  / F U N C O L O R . 紙品文具雜貨 / Tiny 微影 香港玩具及模型品牌 / PIG FARMER / AMAZ by​Lokianno / Sofubi Art Base (澳門) / ​ Figoland 玩樂工房 (澳門)​


Monster Taipei / Paradise / Zoo Toys / Fandora Shop / mine mine  / M.M小舖 / 一禾玩具one box  / 扭蛋達人玩具精品館  / 扭蛋獵人 Gacha Hunter  / 轉蛋概念館 X 轉蛋玩具館 (macross50711) / TOUCH台灣12吋人偶特區 / 宇宙大大扭蛋玩具店  / 集蛋扭蛋專門店ジダン ガシャポン  / 柴來運轉  / 扭蛋皇后 ガシャポン專門店  / 玩樂魔人 / 女友の扭蛋 扭蛋專賣店  /  AUX奧司

海外地區:My Plastic Heart  (美國) / Strangecat (美國) / Philippines Southernsummit Corporation (菲律賓) / Code Corner (泰國) / Gacha Box (泰國)​

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