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The Toy Chronicle | Fluff Riot x StrangeCat Toys Presents Khali Blurred Lines Group Show

All set to bless StrangeCat Toys store this weekend is Taylor Bowen & Kristy Kitsune of Fluff Riot Khali Blurred Lines Group Show which features a whole range of artist from around the world! Using Fluff Riot’s resin edition “Khali” as a canvas. Each selected artist make their mark on Khali pushing boundaries and flexing their creativity all under one roof. Over 18 artists from around the world, hold on to your seats and your credit card as Fluff Riot x StrangeCat Toys Presents Khali Blurred Lines, Group Show.

The characters of the Fluff Riot Universe live on Vesper Island; a magical, hidden land off the coast of the bustling city of Neopolis. For centuries, the inhabitants of the Island enjoyed a life of peace, happiness and prosperity. But the world is changing and there is a darkness on the rise. There are whispers of Cursed Creatures lurking in the shadows and harming the citizens of Vesper Island. With fear and mistrust growing stronger, the magic that protects the island is starting to weaken.

This is where our story begins…

Ms. Chief One
Price: $250
Christopher Luke
Title: Red Thread of Fate
Price: $250
Ghost fox toys 
Title: Stormy Khali
Price: $250
Chris RWK
Title: Life, paint, death
Price: $300
Jessica Emmett
Title: Tales of Experience & Wisdom
Price: $300
Ciou Art
Title: Khali by CIOU
Price: $300
Mr. Kum Kum
Title: TutanKhali
Price: $275
Title: Spirit Searcher
Price: $300
Title: Dark Flower
Price: $300
MP Gautheron
Title : Neìbuleuse
Price: $340
Jeremiah Ketner
Title: Dreamy Day
Price: $300
Title: Into the Rainforest
Price: $400
Elena Kazi
Title: Tiger Khali
Price: $400
Mr. Mars Studio
Title: Kolorful Khali
Price: $450
Ken Keirns
Title: Kitty Rumpus
Price: $600
Thomas Han
Title: Fiery Khali
Price: $350
Kristy Kitsune 
Title: Sakura Kumo Khali
Price: $450
Kristy Kitsune
Title: Ancient Ruins, Modern Times 
Price: $450

WHEN: Gallery Opening: Feb 5th 7pm est and Online at 10pm est

WHERE: Strangecat toys501 S Falkenburg Rd A2 Tampa, FL 33619

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