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The Toy Chronicle | Diamond Mandy by 9King x 9SadToy

9King x 9SadToy’s ‘Mandy‘ now has more sparkles than the Milkyway! we don’t know what 9King has been feeding Mandy, now all of them now features some sparkle ranging from reds to purple. Please don’t shake them vigorously they have feelings too.

The original intention of designer Kimgu to design M.H.H. is to spread different messages by creating various characters. Hoping those fans will not only be attracted by the appearance of the characters but also understand the meaning of the characters. The heart on the back is the burden of their soul.  

Mandy represents Friendship 

When you are in trouble, confused, lonely and depressed, there will always be someone to support and stand by you. No cheating, no flattering and no comparing between friends. Treating people around you with sincerity. A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

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