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The Toy Chronicle | DesignerCon UK 2021 in London?!

Following the sad news earlier today that ToyConUK would be taking a year out in 2021 and returning again in 2022 (read HERE), we have just got wind that another Designer Toy convention will be descending upon London this summer! Yup! DesignerCon, the world famous Designer Toy convention usually held in California is stretching its wings in 2021 and will be making its way to London this coming August! Needless to say, THIS IS MASSIVE F’N NEWS!!!

News that DesignerCon 2021 will be back to an in-person event this coming November, following an online 2020 event due to the pandemic, DesignerCon will have be hosting a number of pre-DesignerCon events in 2021. DesignerCon will be holding another online event partnered with Popshop Live this summer, much like their online event in 2020, we would assume but this where things get interesting for UK fans….following the online event, DesignerCon UK will be held in London in August! A DesignerCon China event is planned for 2022 too, but all we are thinking about now is DesignerCon UK in August!!! DesignerCon in the UK in the Summer!!

WOWZERS! At this time, no further details are known on location, tickets, dates, etc but we will be keeping a close eye on this one to see how to manifests over the coming months!

What are you thinking about this monumental news?! Let us know in the comments!

All information was taken from the press release on PR Newswire HERE!

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