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The Toy Chronicle | CodecZombie’s BLOOMDOOM

It’s that time to enter the world of CodecZombie! as the world awaits for Drowning Thoughts, Alessandro Randi of Codeczombie all set to give you a taste of his universe with BLOOMDOOM. A dreamlike foray into a botanically inspired ever-changing world that takes on various forms, and will bring back many new shapes and sizes.
Rampicantæ, Italian for “climbing plants”, is the first variant in the BLOOMDOOM family.  We were lucky to own Feeding Plants and always bugged Codeczombie to continue Kissing Stones. Fast forward to the present day and is one of the most OCD and perfectionist artists we know and know BLOOMDOOM will be another quality release from the world of CodecZombie to be added into his portfolio.

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