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The Toy Chronicle | 囂搞 Shaogao x 顛玩具 Damn Toy

顛玩具 Damn Toy presented 囂搞 Shaogao figures at last years TTF 2020. The first time Fans seeing 囂搞 Shaogao mascots become figures. From wacky comic strips n merch 顛玩具 Damn Toy have now lunched them both in vinyl! The more we look at the vinyl 囂搞 Shaogao the more feel we connect with them both as they both have the same sexy body and dress sense, HA. The first two classic expressions are ignorant meatballs with dumbfounded faces, let’s enter the ridiculous universe together!

囂搞 Shaogao, well-known popular online creator with hundreds of thousands of fans, He is good at describing the super-realistic relationship between men and women with hilarious animation, which has aroused the resonance of many fans.

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