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The OG Federal 52 Reprint and Founders Collection Releasing Today

Today! The deck that started it all is back… Kings Wild is releasing a reprint of the original Federal 52 playing cards. The “Fed” took the community by storm and it wasn’t only an amazing Kickstarter campaign, it also opened the Kickstarter floodgates for every aspiring card designer since. 


The deck is 100% custom, every aspect of the cards has been touched and the theme carries itself from the back design, Ace of Spades, custom jokers, face cards, and historical courts perfectly. 

The traditional engraving designs of the US banknotes are perfectly presented in such a creative intricate and beautifully detailed package! 

For the collectors, how to tell the difference between the reprints and the originals? There are a couple differences that will allow any collector to differentiate. The most obvious is the print verbiage on the bottom of the tuck case as well as the plate number on the front of the case design. Additionally the original included a green seal. 

Also, releasing is the Founders Collection. A set of 5 custom Founders boxes, each containing a money-banded Fed 52 deck. There are only 200 sets so we expect them to go fast. See the teaser video posted on Instagram below:


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