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Roasters Playing Cards Sold Out in an Hour!

Sold out in an hour! The creative guys from Organic Playing Cards have done it again with Roasters Playing Cards. The deck was released yesterday and like OPC’s previous releases, they were quickly sold out! The new deck is inspired by coffee. According to the product page on

It’s time to start the day off right! With Roasters House Blend! This medium roasted coffee will put a spring in your step and get you ready for the day! These cards are perfect for any morning practice session or coffee with friends! 


The new deck comes with a completely two-way mirrored card back featuring coffee beans and latte art in the background. 

Like all OPC’s releases, the re-colored courts have slight customization and they are recognizable and fun for magic, cardistry, and family game night! 


The deck is printed by USPCC on crushed premium stock. Also, with every 3 Roasters, they will come in a custom burlap Roasters Coffee Bean Bag! There will also be a bag of ground coffee inside for that fresh coffee smell. 


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