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Paisley (Royal Purple Edition) Playing Cards

Magician. Royal. Stunning.

The Paisley Royals Purple Edition Playing Cards was the second stretched goal in the Paisley Kickstarter campaign last year. Designed by the Dutch Card House Company, the stunning deck was crafted with the Magician and collector in mind.

The card back features the well-known Paisley pattern in a rich purple background completed with gold metallic ink. The golden ink bleeds over the border for the most royal appearance. Also, the backs feature a marking system for suits and value, integrated into the detailed paisley back design.

The Paisley Royals comes with a classy recognizable traditional look with adjustments made to the color composition to fit the overall theme of the decks. The face cards are printed with metallic ink! Packaged in a luxurious matte tuck box manufactured with two-color hot-stamped foil and embossing! The stunning Gold and Purple foil make this deck a head-turner.

Printed by the USPCC on their famous Bicycle grade stock, crushed and traditionally cut and available for €21 from


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