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Have You Seen the Legends #353 Celtic Edition Playing Cards?

Legends are continuing the tradition of sporadic in-house decks, each with a new feature or print technique they want to showcase to playing cards and art lovers. 
Stuart Palm’s custom artwork, LOBA treated, Pre-Crushed Master Finish card stock, and a Cold Foil tuck box with multi-level embossing is what are showcasing for the #353 Celtic Edition

Cold foil rolls onto the tuck just like an imprint ink, it is perfectly registered and doesn’t have any noticeable shift which can occur when hot stamping foil onto a tuck box or playing card sheet.

The fine white line around the LEGENDS features a precise multi-level embossed logo. Though expensive and not as shiny as Hot Foiling, Cold Foil has a subtle elegance that is refined and sophisticated. 

Inside, the face card artwork is remastered from a vintage SPCC deck with modern-day enhancements and sharp numbers. They are perfectly spaced and legible for working card magicians and poker players, without looking too unusual. 

The tuck case is sealed with a re-imagined perforated vintage stamp. Available NOW for $9.53 from Limited to 1,800.


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