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Fontaine Mystery Decks Drops Today!

If you are in Los Angeles, California today (July 3rd), you will be able to pick up the Fontaine mystery decks in-store between 4pm-7pm. 

10 Fontaines are up for grab including 2 new unreleased Fontaines:

Broccoli, Cranberry, Pumpkin, Gray, Babylon, Watermelon, Wine, Slime, Cotton Candy, Safety, Seafoam, Denim (NEW), Carrots V2, Carrots V3, Aquaberry, Horchata, Raspberry, Pineapple, Kogan Cult, and Kogan Cult LE 1 of 500 (NEW).

Also, customers will be able to stay and jam after they buy decks, both in the shop and in community area shared with the dance studio. At 6pm, there will be a screening of the Fontaine Trials LIVE on YouTube and LIVE in person at the same time. According to the social media post,

The video on a loop and allow everyone to hang until we close up at 7 👋. We’re excited to invite you BEHIND the Fontaine store, to our first LIVE screening of The Fontaine Trials 🍿

The Fontaine store is located at: 2308 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA.


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