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Flexible 2.0 Playing Cards: Colored Gradients

Crafted for cardistry, the brand new Flexible 2.0 deck by TCC Playing Cards comes in eye-catching gradients card backs! Cardistry requires cards that look great while being manipulated. Flexible Playing Cards do this brilliantly, card motion and flourishes will sure to captivate your audience! 

The new version of Flexible is inspired by the colors of the rainbow and other rainbow-colored playing card themes, a section of the spectrum was selected and applied to the playing card backs. 

The deck design maintains the simple and minimalistic style with a predominant vibrant Yellow, Orange, and Rose Red colorway. The back of each card, Ace through King, is a slightly different shade. 

A brand new fusion of color and playing cards, resulting in a mesmerizing gradient color change display, especially card springs, cuts, cascades, and waterfalls. 

The deck is packaged in tuck cases are printed on high-quality tactile stock and also comes in gradient colors. There are a total of 12 colored tuck cases. The playing cards inside are identical for each tuck box color. However, the colors of the tuck cases will be sent randomly.

Definitely a beautiful and eye-catching deck for card flourishes at an extremely affordable price! The possibilities are endless with different color combinations.

Priced starts at only $2.99 on Kickstarter on 14th January. Printed in Taiwan on thin-crushed stock with Air-Cushion finish.


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