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First Look: TEMPO Playing Cards Series

TEMPO is the next playing cards series by Ark Playing Card Co. The company continues to push innovation and create exciting new decks that will change the way we interact with deck packaging. 
TEMPO is a sub-brand of ARK, focusing on cardistry deck. This brand is born to be innovative with the goal of presenting a unique concept of cardistry to the world and exploring the infinite possibilities of card flourishing by creating high-quality and creative products. 

There are 4 different versions of Tempo:

1. Tempo Original (Pantone neon yellow), limited to 800.
2. Tempo-lab Original (metallics red & blue), limited to 800.
3. Tempo Plus Concept – UV Electro-optic Box Set
4. Tempo-Lab Plus Concept – UV Electro-optic Box Set

What makes these decks truly unique are the tuck boxes. The Tempo Original comes with a three-stage telescopic card-box structure (above), with a trendy color block splicing design, and printed with the Pantone color of the year 2021. It is stylish and gives a pleasant visual experience. 

The Tempo-lab Original comes with a mechanical card-box structure inspired by the roof of the sports car. Gently pull the bottom of the card box with your hand, and the front cover will be lifted up by the hidden “Z” connecting mechanism, causing it to flip up 90 degrees. The whole process seems to be motorized, exuding a futuristic and high-tech feel. 

Inside, the Tempo Original features a cool geometric pattern as the main vision of the back with the popular Pantone Color of the Year 2021, supplemented by fluorescent yellow ink printing. A sleek black line runs across the central axis of the back of the card, which gives the card a dynamic visual element. At the same time, it serves as the visual extension and is in unity with the tuck box. 

Meanwhile, the X frame is used as the main vision of the Tempo-lab Original playing cards. To give the tempo lab a strong flavor of high-tech, the stripe color contrast design is used, offering a special visual experience from both opening and cutting cards. Pantone triple-color metal red and blue ink are used in the printing process, which makes the card shine with metallic luster with each movement. 

Also, during the Kickstarter campaign, the “Plus” Concept editions combine two-color UV light fluorescence technology to create the ultimate eye-candy. Tempo plus adds UV two-color light variable printing technology to the original tempo box. 

Under the indoor lighting, tempo’s original high-profile pattern design is completely hidden, replaced by the minimalist style of black and white style. Even card pips in the face completely disappear, leaving only the corner index for easy identification. 

When the UV light is turned on and the UV light shines on the cards, the minimalist design elements magically disappear, and instead, a chic trendy style comes soaring back at you. 

For the Tempo-Lab Plus. Foiling is a manufacturing process that a layer of metallic foil is placed on the surface of the paper to give the card stock a metallic texture. This is the preferred process to portray a sense of the future. 

The front and back of each card are entirely covered with metallic foil that extends to the edge of the card. What’s more, owing to the application of sub thin technology, even sides of the deck are covered in metallic foil, the card stock still retains its light and thin feel and handling. 

The Tempo Kickstarter project is scheduled to launch on Feb 1, 2021. Pledge starts from $20. These innovative decks will go fast. Don’t miss out!


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