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Enigma Puzzle Hunt (Red Edition) Playing Cards

Magic. Puzzles. Ciphers.

Enigma Puzzle Hunt Playing Cards is an innovative deck designed by David Kwong, New York Times crossword puzzle constructor & magician, and Dave Shukan, master puzzle-maker. ENIGMAS combines mystery, secret messages, and codes within puzzles within puzzles. All these in a custom-themed deck based on an estate shrouded in mystery called Riverbank.

Inside, the hunt is embedded within four very special cards found within the deck, each with its own puzzle for you to solve. Solving all four puzzles will unlock an incredible, multilayered, eight-step puzzle hunt. Combine answers from every puzzle you’ve solved along the way and you will reveal the final, meta-puzzle answer!

The deck is FULLY functional and beautifully illustrator Billy French. Billy has masterfully captured all of the bizarre and beautiful elements into the ENIGMAS design. The card backs are adorned with historically accurate imagery from the Riverbank estate, like its windmill and lighthouse. The face cards look pretty much standard and familiar, however, they date back to the early 1900s.

Printed by the United States Playing Card Company. If you love puzzles AND Playing Cards, the Enigma Puzzle Hunt Playing Cards is definitely for you!

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