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ARW V2 Funded in 25 Minutes on Kickstarter!

ARW V2 brings a fresh take on directional typography combined with arrow graphic devices laid out in the foundations of ARW V1 which previously funded on Kickstarter. Moving away from the minimal execution though, ARW V2 maintains a bordered appearance whilst creating visual coordination of textual elements combined with bright neon graphics for card flourishes.

The deck was 100% funded in only 25 minutes on Kickstarter and currently over 210% funded at £19,644! Luke Wadey told Kardify,

I am truly humbled and overwhelmed by the support shown for this deck and my work in general. I am so fortunate to connect with many likeminded people in the community and grateful that so many wish to see these decks come to life as much as I do! My mind is truly blown – thank you.

Whilst V1 drew inspiration from street signage, V2 moves to Luke’s own rendition of street art, combining controlled mayhem with precise pattern work inspired as always by the swiss design style. Now featuring a 2-way back design, and printed with a combination of neon and CMYK inks, the deck is sure to catch and hold the spectators’ eyes, with all new faces design to compliment the new card back. 

The pips have all been redesigned, moving away from the concept of pure arrows, and now hosting four new custom pip designs which more closely resemble traditional design which makes the faces easier to understand during gameplay and magic. They do each however all include small subtle arrows in the form of cuts into the pip or acting as the base of the icon. 

The court cards have lost the large central pip from V1, but instead, make use of redesigned small arrow details within the clothing, and some of the typography from the card back acting as a central pivot placed behind the illustration. 

The ace of spades embraces the style of the card back, working more like a graphic sculpture, the neon color featuring once more. 

The tuck follows the same layout as V1 but brings through some of the features of the card back so whilst the series can sit together as a set, each still has a distinctive personality and tone. The deck comes in three variations; V2 which is the standard deck, V2.1 which uses the same cards but instead has an upgraded tuck box featuring premium black stock with debossing and foil, and finally the V2 Limited Edition which is a unique design and Kickstarter exclusive. 

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