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5 Things You Should Know About Benchmark Playing Cards

Benchmark Playing Cards is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. The stylish deck is conceptualized by Lou Tolentino and draws inspiration from traditional decks such as the Bicycle Rider Backs but given a modern twist in 2 colorways: Purple and Teal.

Here are 5 things you should know about the Benchmark decks.

1. This is a collaboration between Decked Out Cards and Eight High Studios. Lou told Kardify, “Not long after joining the Card Collecting Community, I told myself that one day I would produce my very own deck of cards. I tried my hand at designing my own decks and even printed a few prototypes but never felt like my original designs were good enough to be released to the general public. In order for me to launch a project and ask for community support I felt I had to collaborate with an artist that could help bring my vision to life, and that’s exactly what I did!”

2. Benchmark Playing Cards design elements were picked by the IG Card Community giving them a say in the deck design. “My inspiration for the back design came from traditional decks that featured a solid colored back with nice clean linework. I wanted this first deck of cards to pay homage to that style while adding a “Decked Out” twist. We had gone through a few variations, after putting it to a survey on Instagram, the majority of the responses allowed us to choose the design you see now. I felt it was important to have the community provide their input, after all this deck is just as much for you all as it is for me.”

3. A deck that could appeal to everyone- Card players, magicians, cardists, and collectors. Fully custom artwork with updated the standard USPCC court cards (provided by Daniel Schneider and modified by Eight High Studios) featuring an updated matching colorway, diptych Jokers and Aces in Jumbo Pips sporting the Decked Out Crown.

4. Benchmark: something that serves as a standard by which others may be measured or judged. Lou continued, “This deck will set the Benchmark for my work moving forward.”

5. This is a stepping stone into the world of deck designing/producing and building Decked Out Cards as a brand. Lou hinted, “I’d love to explore other styles for future decks.”

The decks are printed by the USPCC on Standard Bicycle Stock with Air-Cushion Finish. Pledge starts at $13 on Kickstarter.


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