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5 More Days on Kickstarter! The Seers Magus Playing Cards

Now on Kickstarter, the Seers are crowdfunding two new magic decks: The Magus – Aurum and the Magus – Sanguis, an homage to the original Seers V1. 

The custom back design of the Magus decks are detailed and refined. Making them visually appealing for magic routines and game nights. 

As this is a magic deck, the card faces are semi-custom with standard court cards and a bold Ace of Spades. Practical and easily recognizable. 

To give it a touch of elegance, Metallic ink (red metallic on the Sanguis and the gold on the Aurum) will be used on both the backs and faces. 

As this is a magic deck, we included two gaff cards in each deck. Two additional Queen of Spades. One holding their respective deck and the other holding the Six of Spades. 

The design style of the deck is continued on the tuck boxes. With the same baroque curves and striking design. The inside tuck flaps have a Six of Spades reveal a bonus for your magic routine! 


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